Following the announcement by the Labeaume administration that some fifteen major events in Quebec City will not be funded for their activities in 2021, the Envol et Macadam Festival is therefore taking a break to go into reflection mode in these difficult times. Deemed “far too risky” given the global pandemic and despite the various scenarios that we have submitted to the Bureau des Grands Événements in order to enforce the measures of Quebec’s Public Health, we must redo our homework and also reflect on our future. We are currently experiencing a wide range of emotions.

First of all, the disappointment, because we had some discussions with the City of Quebec’s decision-making bodies and nothing foreshadowed this announcement, which will have serious consequences on the future of our organization. Then, the surprise, because a similar plan had been approved by municipal authorities last year in the same context, but subsequently refused by public health authorities in the Quebec region. Then we felt discouraged, because we presented more than one option, respecting social distancing instructions and security measures, innovative measures adapted to our loyal customers of the past 25 years. Frustration, because our event takes place in September and this decision comes a little early given that the vaccination campaign, which is currently going well. 

But we are resilient and it won’t be the first time we have had to roll up our sleeves and face a daunting challenge. We are confident that we can find common ground and a safe solution for all in order to present “something” in September which, hopefully, will satisfy the highest decision-making bodies while respecting our niche and what we do best, and have for so many years: broadcasting concerts by up-and-coming bands full of talent, which provide pure happiness for the music lovers who have supported us for 25 years.