sTill Insane

Saturday september 17th 2022



Formed in 2006, Still Insane is a Punk Rock band from Quebec City. Their goal is simple: play fast, play loud and play everywhere. In 2009, the band released their first EP (Ready To Crash) and finally their first LP (Never An Off) in December 2012. Their musical style, inspired by the Californian Skatepunk wave of the 90s, made the release of “Never An Off” very well received by the local and even international scene. This led to the band getting great reviews from all over the globe. In 2017, the band returned with a new EP entitled “Friends & Family” on Thousand Islands Records in America as well as on Melodic Punk Style Record on the European side. Once again, the reviews were very positive. In February 2022, the band released their new EP “Black Sheep”, still on Thousand Islands Records, and is preparing to promote it.


Saturday September 17, 2022

01:00 – Espace Dalhousie

COUNTRY: Québec (Canada)
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