Subscription until June 6th

Steps to follow :

1.      In the module on the right, click on Buy tickets, a ticket is a subscription
2.      Click on Checkout
3.      The Delivery option is by default, there’s no actual ticket since it’s a subscription
4.      Enter your band’s info in the Attendee #1 section
5.      Enter your billing Information
6.      Once the transaction is done with, you’ll receive a confirmation email.


1.      在右邊的 一欄點選購買門票,一張門    票表示一個預購
2.      點選結帳
3.      送貨方式為默認,由於網上預購所以毋須實體門票
4.      在 Attendee #1 中輸入樂隊資料
5.      輸入付帳資料
6.      交易完成後,將收到一封確認電郵


The finalists will be announced on Facebook June 7, 2019 !




Subscription module

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