Rules and Regulations


  1. Each participating band will register online on, upload an MP3 of one of their original songs – send the subscription fee’s payment (10$ USD per band, taxes included or Rp.130.000* for cash / offline registration) – and a panel of international industry judges will choose the 5 -finalists.
  2. The 5 finalists will perform in a live National Finale in their country and an audience vote combined 25/75 with a panel of industry judges vote will decide the winning band.
  3. The winning band from each of the 10 countries will be invited to perform  at one of Canada’s biggest live music events, the Envol et Macadam Festival in Quebec City between September 6th to 8th  2018.


All bands must:

  1. Upload an MP3 of your best song following the steps described in the email confirmation of your participation.
  2. If your band’s song is selected as one of the 5 finalists, you will be performing live audition on 10th May 2018 in Jakarta.


  1. Band members must be 18 years or older to register in the Competition.
  2. Subscription only takes place online on You must register by filling in the subscription form ;
  3. The cost is 10$ USD (taxes included) or Rp.130.000* (for offline registration) and the payment can only be made on the website or contact Planetrox Indonesia representative for offline registration;
  4. Bands must have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 members. The band must have never produced a CD with a major label company.
  5. Band members must be living in the country where they are competing.
  6. No reimbursement will be given.
  7. The directors, officers, employees of PLANETROX or any of its partners or affiliates – as well as their immediate family and anyone living at the same address – are not eligible to take part in the competition.
  8. Bands must assign PLANETROX the rights to use their video (for the purposes of the competition only).


1.     Setiap band yang berpartisipasi akan mendaftar secara online pada sebelum, meng-upload MP3 dari salah satu lagu aslinya – melakukan pembayaran biaya pendaftaran ini sebesar 10 USD per band (untuk pembayaran online) dan Rp.130.000 untuk pembayaran tunai dan transfer bank, (termasuk pajak) – dan kemudian  panel juri dari industri musik internasional akan memilih 5 -finalis.

2.    5 finalis terpilih akan tampil dalam acara final di negara mereka dan suara penonton dikombinasikan dengan penilaian panel juri yang berbanding 25:75 akan memutuskan satu band pemenang.

3.     Band pemenang dari masing-masing negara akan diundang untuk tampil di Envol et Macadam di Kota Quebec, salah satu acara festival musik terbesar di Kanada, yang akan dilaksanakan pada tanggal 6 atau 8 September 2018.


Semua band harus:

1.     Melakukan upload MP3 dari lagu terbaiknya, mengikuti langkah-langkah yang dijelaskan dalam email konfirmasi partisipasi Anda.

2.     Jika lagu band Anda dipilih sebagai salah satu dari 5 finalis,band anda akan tampil dalam babak final live di Jakarta pada tanggal 10 May 2018.


  1. Anggota band harus berusia 18 tahun atau lebih untuk mendaftar di Kompetisi (dibawah umur 18 untuk menyertakan surat pengantar/ijin orang tua).
  2. pendaftaran online hanya melalui website www.planterox.caAnda harus mendaftar dengan mengisi formulir pendaftaran; atau anda bisa menghubungi kantor direktorat nasional Indonesia untuk membantu anda melakukan pendaftaran.
  3. Biaya pendaftaran adalah sebesar $10 USD (untuk pembayaran online, dan termasuk pajak; atau anda bisa menghubungi kantor direktorat nasional Indonesia untuk membantu anda melakukan pembayaran secara offline sebesar Rp.130.000*
  4. Band harus memiliki minimal 2 dan maksimal 5 orang anggota. Band belum pernah mengeluarkan rekaman dengan perusahaan major label internasional.
  5. Anggota band harus tinggal di negara di mana mereka bersaing.
  6. Tidak ada penggantian/pengembalian uang pendaftaran akan diberikan.
  7. Para direktur, petugas, karyawan PLANETROX atau salah satu mitra perusahaan atau afiliasinya – serta keluarga dekat mereka dan siapapun yang tinggal di alamat yang sama tidak memenuhi syarat untuk mengambil bagian dalam kompetisi.
  8. Band harus memberikan hak untuk PLANETROX dalam menggunakan video band yang ter-upload (untuk tujuan kompetisi saja).

*estimasi biaya pendaftaran, termasuk biaya transaksi bank transfer.


  1. The national winners will fly to Quebec City to perform at the 2018 Envol et Macadam Festival;
  2. The prize includes two live performances of 20 minutes on the indoor stages of the Envol et Macadam Festival 2018, airfares for the winning band members (11,500 CND maximum budget is available – flight/travel costs that exceed this amount are the responsibility of the band) plus internal travel to the hotel from the airport and back, four-star accommodation for the band in central Quebec City for 4 nights, free pass for the Festival and promotion of your band in festival communications.

The prize only includes what is specifically detailed above, all stopovers, additional nights or crew members required by the band will be at their expenses. Band members must all have a valid passport that is machine readable and acquire the appropriate visa to enter Canada, if necessary. Envol et Macadam will provide a shuttle service from the airport to the hotel but the band will be responsible for the trip back (the taxi is usually around 40$ for that distance)


  1. The 5 Bands selected by a jury specially appointed by PLANETROX will be presented on the website for a period of registration.
  2. In the Final of each country, the jury (75%) and the audience votes (25%) will select the winning band.


  1. 5 Bands with the most votes from the jury registration period will be invited to participate in the National Final in their respective country;
  2. Where two Bands are tied for 5th place, after the internet vote, the official jury reserves the right to choose which group will progress to the final;
  3. In the event that the winning band in the National Final can not be present at the festival in September (they must notify PLANETROX before August 1 2018) their position will be offered to the band who finished in 2nd place in the National Final.


  1. The organizers will provide a sound and lighting system, which all the bands can use.
  2. The organizers will provide during the entire competition the basic equipment needed (4-piece drum kits with 1 crash, 1 ride and 1 hi-hat, a bass amplifier, two guitar amplifiers, microphones and monitors).
  3. The organizers will provide sound and lighting engineers as well as all necessary stage crew.
  4. Band members will bring any personal instruments (guitars, bass, keyboards, effect pedals, turntables, etc.). Drummers will bring their own bass drum pedal and drumsticks.
  5. All bands must use the same backline and drums provided by Envol et Macadam. Keyboards and any special equipment – other than personal instruments – will be placed on stage before the concert begins and will remain there until the end of the concert.
  6. To keep changeover times to a minimum, any band with a left-handed drummer will play either first or last on the bill. All bands must follow instructions given by the organizers and the appointed stage manager. It is not permitted to use pre-recorded sound material (except for sequencers). All bands must play live.
  7. Cover versions are not permitted. All songs must be original although not necessarily written by the band themselves.
  8. The total playing time for each band will be of 20 minutes. Pyrotechnics are not allowed.
  9. Any band overrunning their allotted playing time can be penalized (deducted points) or disqualified. The playing order of the bands will be determined by a draw.


    There will be a panel of judges at the National Finale but audience vote will count for 25% of the final vote. The audience can vote using a voting slip. The judges’ vote (three people) will count for 75% of the final vote. If there is a tie, the judges’ choice will be given precedence.
    There will be no sound check in National Finale, except for the first band to play on stage.
    Any band that misses their allotted onstage time is liable to be disqualified.


    All bands taking part in the festival, if possible, be given a 10-minute sound check. Sound checks will be allotted in reverse order to the running order. Which means the band last on stage does the first sound check and the band first on stage does the last sound check. Times for sound checks and onstage times will be given to each band.
  • The playing order will depend of the musical style of the band which will be determinate before the 1st of August.
  • Onstage time given : 20 minutes.
  • If any band misses their allotted sound check or onstage slot in the festival, the organizers will make all efforts to fit them in elsewhere. However, if this is not possible the band is liable to do not participate.


  1. The prize must be accepted as such and cannot be traded, sold or transferred. No substitutions will be allowed.
  2. The winner will release PLANETROX and its respective directors, partners, affiliates, officers and employees from any liability for any damage or loss arising from participation in the competition or from the awarding and acceptance of the prize.
  3. If unable to supply the prize as described herein PLANETROX reserves the right to substitute all or part of the prize or prizes with a prize or prizes of comparable value.
  4. The refusal to accept the prize releases PLANETROX from any liability or obligation.
  5. Any false statement by a participant will see them automatically disqualified from the competition.
  6. PLANETROX assumes no liability resulting from losses, delays, mistaken addresses or undelivered mail, printing errors, technical malfunctions, computer or telephone, damage to software or computer equipment, fraudulent calls or any other error.
  7. PLANETROX and its respective directors, partners, affiliates, officers and employees assume no liability of any nature whatsoever in any case where their inability to act resulting from an event or situation unforeseeable or beyond their control, including strikes, lockouts or other labor disputes at their location or the locations of the organizations or companies whose services are used for this contest.
  8. Participation in this contest signifies the participant’s full acceptance of these rules. All decisions and judgments by PLANETROX are final.

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