Our mission : to support alternative music

Envol et Macadam produces alternative music* events and activities, supports the development of up-and-coming artists and builds bridges between emerging talents and established professionals, both within Quebec and internationally through yearly initiatives:

  • Envol et Macadam Festival
  • Planetrox (auditions for the festival)
  • International springboards

Our partners, our involvement

From its beginning, Envol et Macadam has benefited from the recognition and support of numerous private and public partners. There are now over 30 helping us in our projects each year, among them are:

  • Le Ministère du Patrimoine Canadien / The Department of Canadian Heritage
  • Le Gouvernement du Québec / The Government of Quebec (more than 5 ministries and organizations)
  • La Ville de Québec / The City of Quebec

Envol et Macadam is also involved in many institutions, such as:

  • The Office of Major Events and Tourism Development, City of Quebec
  • The Quebec City Office of Tourism
  • Quebec Festivals and Events
  • The Quebec Leisure Council
  • The Culture Council of Quebec

* Envol et Macadam takes alternative music to mean new musical trends: rock, punk, hip-hop, indie, electro etc. Envol et Macadam’s activities present live, emerging as well as well-known artists from each of these musical categories.


  • 1996: Introduction of the first edition of the Envol et Macadam Festival in Limoilou district. Incorporation of Vieux-Limoilou en Fête as a non-profit organism (now called Envol et Macadam);
  • 1999: Introduction of the first edition of Envol et Macadam Battle of the Bands;
  • 2006: Special Vintage project approval for Quebec City’s 400th anniversary;
  • 2007: Vieux-Limoilou en Fête became officially Envol et Macadam. New association with the GBOB Challenge from London UK for the Battle of the Bands;
  • 2008 : A new site is selected : the Parc de l’Îlot Fleurie. The Special Vintage project for the 400th anniversary of Quebec is a great success, 20 000 festival goers.
  • 2009 : 25 000 festival goers.
  • 2010 : Introduction of the first edition of L’Envol de la relève : auditions for the Envol et Macadam Festival.  First edition of the Party clandestin de la Saint-Jean. 15th anniversary of the festival.
  • 2011 : Planetrox’s first edition, with bands from 15 countries around the world. Planetrox is an initiative of Envol et Macadam in collaboration with the City of Quebec.
  • 2012 : Very special edition with No Use For A Name playing their last show after their lead singer, Tony Sly, passed away.
  • 2013 : In answer to the loyalty of our public, the firts contest leading a festival-goer to go see NOFX (lead band of this edition) in Boston has been created.
  • 2014
  • 2015 : 20th anniversary of the non profit, the public was keen to answer the call for a splendid edition, with bands for every kind of tastes.
  • 2016

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