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2019 : Bladies
2018 : Michigan
2017 : A Life Forsaken
2016 : 3 Headed Giant
2015 : Red sideburns
2014 : Goodbye Sparta
2013 : As One man
2012 : Adam Strangler
2011 : Another Fallen Hero

États-Unis / United States

2019 : The Copper Tones
2018 : Sweet Sweet
2016 : The Companies
2015 : Avenues
2014 : OK GO
2012: Lunic
2011 : The New Up


2019 : Last Train
2018 : The Dizzy Brains
2017 : Pogo Crash Car Control
2016 : Yuna Project
2015 : Le 4P
2014 : T’chav project
2013 : The Shapers
2012 : Klink Clock
2011 : X-Syndicate

Grande-Bretagne / United Kingdom

2019 : Triple Sundae
2018 : One Last Daybreak
2017 : Scoundrel
2016 : Civil Vilains
2015 : Brightlight City
2014 : The Splash
2013 : King Punch
2012 : When our time comes
2011 : Secret Cinema Band

Allemagne / Germany

2019 : Antiheld
2018 : The Living
2017 : AberHallo
2016 : Naked SuperHero
2014 : 50/50
2013 : We Destroy Disco
2012 : List
2011 : Jolly Roger

Mexique / Mexico

2019 : May Sunday
2018 : Barney Gombo
2017 : Cavernoise
2016 : Camiches
2015 : Amortal
2014 : Goodbye Sailor
2013 : Rodeo Way

République Tchèque – Slovaquie / Czech Republic – Slovakia

2019 : Glad for Today
2018 : Stifled
2017 : I Love You Honey Bunny
2016 : Pilot Season
2015 : John Wolfhooker
2014 : From our hands
2013 : Skywalker
2012 : Criminal Colection

Japon / Japan

2019 : Akai Kurage
2018 : 暗黙のストライカーズ
2017 : Mutant Monster
2016 : Ryuketsu Blizzard
2015 : Yureru
2014 : Wire Stripper
2013 : 花ト散るらん / Hanatochiruran
2012 : Lily Heads Reunion
2011 : St.Clair

Chine / China

2019 : Wreckage of Progress
2018 : Loud Shaft
2017 : NastyDudes
2016 : Sugar Bro
2015 : Bamboo Star
2014 : 神奇膠 Wondergal
2013 : Shotgun Politics
2012 : Turtle Giant
2011 : Noughts and Exes

Indonésie / Indenosia

2019 : Bias
2018 : Murphy Radio
2017 : D’Ark Legal Society
2016 : Rising the fall
2015 : Streetwalker
2014 : Bondan Prakoso
2013 : Saint Loco
2012 : Navicula
2011 : Cupumanik

Autres pays / Other countries


2012 : Dirty Love


2012 : Strings Uncovered
2011 : Wan’s

Corée du Sud

2012 : LeftSideExit
2011 : Javo Island


2011 : Corelyn


2012 : Audio Illusion
2011 : Dynamo


2012 : iBOX!
2011 : Rumatera


2013 : Poisonous Remedy
2011 : Massacre Conspiracy


2011 : Bow Kow


2015 : Jersey Devil

The PLANETROX 2023 Winners are :

From the Czech Republic : No Face No Case

Congratulations to all participating bands, see you next year for Planetrox 2024

Time to announce our 2023

The 5 selected bands are:

Noisetrap (Czech Republic)
Goofy Cow (Czech Republic)
No Face No Case (Czech Republic)
Versatile (Switzerland)
Something Like (Czech Republic)

Nearly a hundred bands from 13 European countries took part in Planetrox Europe this year. Congrats to all the bands! The final of the competition will be held on June 8, during the Rock for People festival in Czech.

Rules and Regulations


PLANETROX is a worldwide music competition whose mission is to discover the best new bands and expose them to a wider international audience. In 2023, Envol et Macadam will continue expanding its ties to the rest of the world. Alternative bands from different European countries will be able to sign up for the PLANETROX auditions and the chance to play at the next Envol et Macadam festival in Quebec City, Canada.

The PLANETROX project is an initiative of Envol et Macadam in collaboration with the City of Quebec. The mission of this international undertaking is to discover the best up-and-coming bands in each of the participating countries and to present them to the public at the Envol et Macadam Festival each September. This edition of PLANETROX will involve European and Asian Countries.

Envol et Macadam is Quebec’s top alternative music festival. It continues to innovate and to develop projects that allow local and international up-and-coming artists the chance to take part in an event that annually attracts over 20,000 music fans, as well as many industry professionals. Its lineup appeals to a young and hip crowd; Bad Religion, Mastodon, Sum 41, Pennywise, Karkwa, The Sounds, Metric, Malajube, RaekwonBloc Party, Hatebreed, IAM, The Exploited, As I Lay Dying, No Use For A Name, Lagwagon, Face to Face, Randy, NOFX, Screeching Weasel, Less Than Jake and Sublime With Rome are but a few of the well-known artists that have played and delighted festival goers at Envol et Macadam in the past years.


  1. Each participating band must register online at before May 1st 2023 at midnight (SET). Each band must send a link to one of their original songs  – send the subscription fee’s payment (25$CDN taxes and fees included).
  2. A panel of international industry judges will choose the 5 European finalists from the songs submitted.
  3. The 5 finalists will perform live at ROCK FOR PEOPLE festival in Czech Republic on June 8th. The voting will be a panel of judges from Europe and Canada (100%);
  4. The winning band will be invited to perform at one of Canada’s biggest live music events, the Envol et Macadam Festival in Quebec City on September 14th to 16th 2023.


  1. Band members must be older than 18 years old to register to the Competition;
  2. Subscription only takes place online on You must register by filling in the subscription form ;
  3. The cost is 25$ CND and the payment can only be made on the website ;
  4. Bands must have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 members. The band must have never produced a CD with a multinational label
  5. Music style accepted : hip-hop/rap, folk, pop, rock, indie, punk, metal, electro
  6. Band members must be living in the European Union or in the UK ;
  7. Adding band members after registration without the permission of Envol et Macadam is prohibited. The same goes to replacing more than a third of the band members.
  8. No reimbursement will be given ;
  9. The band must be available from September 12th to Sept 17th 2023;
  10. The directors, officers, employees of ENVOL ET MACADAM – PLANETROX or any of its partners or affiliates – as well as their immediate family and anyone living at the same address – are not eligible to take part in the competition ;
  11. Bands must assign PLANETROX the rights to use their song (for the purposes of the competition only).


  1. The five European finalists will be chosen by judges from Envol et Macadam and Rock for People ;
  2. The European finalists will get 500 Euros for their travel expenses by bank tranfer after their performance at RFP ;
  3. The European winners will fly to Quebec City to perform at the 2023 Envol et Macadam Festival;
  4. The Planetrox winner’s price includes :
    Two live performances of 30 minutes on the indoor stages of the Envol et Macadam Festival 2023;
    Airfares for the winning band members (10,000 CND maximum budget is available – flight/travel costs that exceed this amount are the responsibility of the band)
    Internal travel to the hotel from the airport;
    Four nights at a four-star hotel for the band in central Quebec City;
    Free passes for the Festival and promotion of your band into the festival communications.
    Full backline will be provided at the European final and at the Envol et Macadam Festival ;The price is only for the band members who performed live on stage. The price only includes what is specifically detailed above, all stopovers, additional nights or crew members required by the band will be at their expenses. Band members must all have a valid electronic passport and acquire the appropriate visa to enter Canada, if necessary.
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