Exo'S Game of Skate

Saturday September 16th 2023


Exo’s Game of Skate

The Exoshop store has been a valuable partner of Envol et Macadam for many years! This long standing alliance between alternative music and skateboarding is celebrated and displayed front and center with the newest addition to the festival’s lineup: the EXO’s Game of Skate.

On Saturday, September 16th, at the Agora of the Port of Quebec, the audience will be able to attend a series of events featuring 16 highly skilled skaters, free of charge. A grand prize of $1000 will be awarded to the winner of the competition.

Skateboarding lessons/workshops will also be offered on-site by the Qc.ebSkatoardCamp team.

Here is the list of the 16 participants:

  1. Jo Deschenes (@jodesh)
  2. Sam Guimond (@ti_guiim)
  3. Alex Morin (@alexmorin89)
  4. Cedric Vigneault (@cedvigneault)
  5. Guillaume Noreau-Marois (@guinoreau)
  6. Bao Alexandre-Thivierge (@bao.s.k.8)
  7. Philippe Lizotte (@philsick17)
  8. Gilbert Turenne (@dogbert123)
  9. Tommy Dussault (tommy.dussault)
  10. Vincent Grandmaison (20centgrandmaison)
  11. Charles-Édouard Côté (dooudou_white)
  12. Gabriel Girard (gaby_pout)
  13. Kevin Boily (kevboily)
  14. Arthur Mccinnis (arth.flip)
  15. Joel Normand (j.nox)
  16. Olivier Déry (___bobis)



Saturday September 16th 2023

13h00 – Agora Port de Québec

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