Hate it too

Friday September 15th 2023


Hate It Too

Hate It Too came to life in Trois-Pistoles in 2008 and gained recognition with the EP “It’s About Time,” a single titled “Cyanide Teeth,” and their debut full-length album “Purple Mountains.” Now based in Quebec City, the group recently released their second album, “Lampshading,” in 2020.

After unveiling their mellower side on their 2020 album, Hate it Too cranks the volume back to eleven with their new EP “Gaslighting.” While still exploring the depths of personal relationships and the human psyche with their trademark deadpan poetry, they come back with their most progressive and melodic instrumentations yet.

The band manages to blend a punk rock sound with melodic metal for this new recording, giving them an added advantage in hoping to expand their audience beyond Canadian borders in the coming years.

Friday September 15th 2023

17h15 – Agora Port de Québec

COUNTRY: Canada (Quebec)
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