Mononc's Serge & Anonymus

Friday September 15th 2023


Mononc’ Serge & Anonymus


The 20th Anniversary of : L’Académie du Massacre!

After 20 years at l’Académie du Massacre, they still don’t have their diploma!
But Mononc’ Serge and Anonymus, they’re not afraid of repeating a year.

Doubling the volume, doubling the energy, doubling the insolence, it’s
unbelievable, only their paychecks doesn’t double. In fact, it’s to prove
that they have “repeating” in their dna that they come together once more
for the first time since 2017, to celebrate the two decades that have gone by
since they released their first joint album.

Welcome one welcome all duffers!

Friday September 15th 2023

21h30 – Agora Port de Québec

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COUNTRY: Canada (Quebec)
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