No Face No Case

Friday september 15th 2023


No Face No Case

No Face No Case is a 5 piece Nü-Beatdown band based in Prague, Czech Republic. NFNC delivers a mix of ruthless chugging guitar riffs and intricate drum beats along with 808s and DnB under a layer of aggressive vocals and fast rap flows.

After their heavy hitting debut single ‘Deadbeat’ featuring Andrew of Epicardiectomy blew up they went on to release 4 more singles, each one defining their musical style more than the last, exponentially growing the bands following and eventually culminating into a new genre of rap and nü-metal influenced beatdown.

Along with their controversial trap styled visuals accompanying each release they’ve broken barriers between genres in concert as well.

Friday september 15 2023

16h45 - Agora Port de Québec

Saturday september 16th 2023

23h45 - Scanner Bistro

COUNTRY: Czech Republic

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