Philippe Drouin OBVURT

Saturday September 16th 2023


Philippe Drouin Obvurt

Philippe Drouin OBVURT officially began his story in 2023, following an invitation from Olivier Berseli, who asked Philippe Drouin if he could perform alone with his double guitar in the CKTL 89.1 studios.

The name Obvurt refers to the verbs “Obvert” (opposite) and “Hurt” (to be injured or in pain). Philippe Drouin Obvurt had his first live performance on May 19th in the CKRL studios when he performed his EP “Obvurt – The Beginning” in its entirety with his double guitar.

Philippe Drouin Obvurt will begin recording his first double guitar album this summer, with a release planned for 2024.

Saturday September 16th 2023

23h00 – Scanner Bistro

COUNTRY: Canada (Quebec)
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