Saturday September 16th 2023



New electronic music project in Quebec, created by electronic scene veterans Millimetrik and M.I.M.

Millimetrik (real name Pascal Asselin) is a Quebecois electronic music composer and producer. His music is inspired by travel, photography, and cinema. His style ranges from ambient and trip-hop to house, disco, soul, and dance music.

M.I.M has made Quebec City his home. With his curious and eclectic Colombian background, his perspective on his adopted homeland brings an innovative and unique vision to his music. After making memorable debuts at Sonar, he is now a regular in all the significant venues and contributes to the excitement of the local electronic scene.

Their style is primarily focused on techno, tech-house, and house music, and they have already performed at various local and international events.

Electronic music fans can expect a unique and high-quality musical experience with YQB DJs.


Saturday September 16th 2023

21h30 – L’Anti Bar & Spectacles

Socials Medias Millimetrik

Socials Medias M.I.M

COUNTRY: Canada (Ontario)

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